Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Numero Uno.

My first for sale Keep Cozy is finished! Im super tired, but couldn't leave this unfinished/have been up late talking to Kate. This won't be going on etsy though, that is to come. I was recently asked to sell this in a for real store, one that I love, here in Vancouver. So this is the start of my first batch. Hooray!

And this is tired me, modelling, in a messy, not yet studio glamorous den. G'night!


The Little Mama said...


amber said...

Awesome work lady!!

I love it.

Pat Nathan said...

Hi Becka. I have finally got Christine to show me how to get on your really neat blog. Well done.
Love Grandma

lyn tupaea said...

Hi Bec....., that looks amazing love the colour - must be such a good feeling to have done it all by scratch xxxx mum

lyn tupaea said...

Becka that's soooo cool !!!! LOve the colours of this one - what a great feelin to gave done that all from scratch - good on you xxxxx mum