Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's the accent.

Today's Flight of the Conchords moment.

I was on the bus knitting while trying to balance myself in the bendy bit (the new bendy buses don't have seats in the bendy bit, just a place to rest your back) and noticed this guy completely intrigued with what I was doing, so I smiled politely ('cause really he was just staring and I didn't know what else to do).

Bus guy: 'What're you making?'

Me: 'A neckwarmer'

Bus guy: 'A.....?'

Me: 'Oh, a neckwarmer' (more polite smiles)

Bus guy: 'A nick...a what?"

Me: 'A neckwarmer'

Bus guy: 'What's a nickwarmer?"

Me: 'Oh, no...a neckwarmer' (I point to my neck and try to sound a bit Canadian)

Bus guy: 'Ohhhhh, a neckwarmer!'

Me: 'Ha, yep. It's the accent' (apologetic laugh).

Awkward silence until we get to our stop.


The Little Mama said...

Oh love it. I just read it aloud to Keith. Oh, Becka.

Jane said...

Sooo funny! My English accent has caused confusion in the past when visiting other countries and I've been asked to repeat things several times too!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - you're very kind. I came across your own website when I was looking at the Handmade Pledge page - I clicked on some of the members' links listed in the sidebar. I'm enjoying reading your blogs - hope you don't mind me peeking in!