Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rock 'n Roll-up

It was my second cookbook night last Thursday, and I was a little more prepared this time. I decided on the 'Bombay Roll Up' (hence the corny name) from the Rebar cookbook. Rebar is an apparently fantastic veggie restaurant in Victoria, which I've never actually been to as it was closed the one time I was there. So when I saw their cookbook, barely used for $7 at Bibliophile awhile back I snapped it up. This is actually the first thing I've made from it, but everything looks amazing. I especially like that there is a section all about basics such as pastries, stocks, tortillas, chutneys, etc. At first glance their recipes seem a little daunting, but I was pleasantly surprised at how simple this was! Simple and delicious, basically just warm tortillas (or chapati) filled with fresh veggies and a to die for hummus. The hummus was easily my favourite part, especially as it has cilantro, cashews, and coriander in it. It also calls for mint, which is not usually my favourite (except of course for mint coconut Crispy Cats, swoon) but it really made it good. If anyone wants the hummus recipe, drop me a line and I'll send it through!

Right, now I'm off to rip out my latest knitting project and start over. They're mittens, but apparently for giants hands so I might need to cast on a little fewer.

Enjoy your night!


Amber said...

Oh Becka!!

That looks so good!

robert csar said...

Nice Becka! Amber and I have been to Re-Bar a few times... it's worth the trip.

handmade romance said...

Hello Becka! Evie from Handmade Romance here - thanks so much for adding me to your blog list : )
The hummus looks great and sound delicious although I must admit that baking is more my thing (only because it works for me!)but i might like to give this a shot would you mind if I could get the recipe from you?
Hope the mittens are coming along ok second time round...I did exactly the same thing with a vest Im working on at the moment! Frustrating but worth undoing and getting right : )