Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here is the finished product from this post, where you got a bit of a sneak peek. I am quite happy with the results! I used some beautiful postcards my friend Anna gifted me, I think from when she was working at the TATE that were just perfect for collaging the crazy quilts blowing in the breeze.

Speaking of collage, a few people have asked me about the teacup you see up there in my header. I must admit that isn't my handiwork, but was a little something Richard made for me awhile back when I was trying to figure out business card ideas. I love it and am so happy for it to have found its way into my header.

Such a clever boy. Here I am trying to stop him from going to work last night, and stay home to eat popcorn with me.


The Little Mama said...

Such a great job on the moleskin, Becka. Good on you!

lyn tupaea said...

Beautiful end result !!!!! love it !!!! and I can totally understand why you want Richard to saty home with you (: mum xxxx

Amber said...

You guys are far too cute.

Can't take it :)

I love the moleskin. Beautiful. Will be watching for more.

handmade romance said...

Love your work on the Moleskin Becka.

I also must remind myself more often of the great saying in the poster at the top of the next post!

Bird Bath said...

Your drawing/collage is beautiul and serene. great work.
And the action shot is cute :)