Friday, February 13, 2009

Giant To-do

Rumi Poster from LookyLoo

A friend and I were chatting recently about being our own bosses, and while in so many ways this is a very good thing, it can be tricky to stay motivated. Ok, maybe not motivated but focused. The internet often draws me in and never wants to let go/I dont want to let go of all the great blogs, etsy showcases, news videos and youtube funnies.

Anyway, this friend reminded me of the saying "If you want something done, get the busiest person in the office to do it". Later that same day, I was reading what Sarah of The Small Object was saying in the Handmade Nation book (which is excellent by the way).

"Its those same people who stop just talking about x,y, or z, but actually get it done and work hard to make it happen and obsess over it, who succeed."

I don't just want to be a talker!

This led to the 'Giant To Do' list, and I am happy to say, also a incredibly productive week! I crossed a number of things off my list, applied for a small part time job at a company that I love, and also planned a trip to Boston at the end of next month to attend WAM! (Women in Media conference). I am incredibly excited by that last one!

I have also recently joined the Vancouver Craft Mafia, and it is such a treat to be working with a group of such talented women! There are lots of exciting things coming up this year, including us working with Got Craft? to put on the next Vancouver Swap-O-Rama-Rama. I had the pleasure this week of working on a new, craftier logo for VCM and I am excited to share it with you all when it is done.

Finally, I have worked really hard this week on building a website for my doula business. I have also made contact with with some lovely ladies who are interested in working together and supporting each other as doulas.

I have really enjoyed being busy and working with people who inspire and motivate me. Also, in short I think that poster up the top there really sums it all up. Making what you love (craft, community, birth/doula-dom, feminism, baking shortbread) be what you do.


The Little Mama said...

This is awesome, Becka. I am so excited for all you're doing!

l said...

Good On You Becka !!!!!!! always so proud of your committment and achievements xxxxxx mum

Bird Bath said...

yep, such a good motto up the top there. Making lists is rather helpful too. Sounds like you have lots exciting.