Tuesday, February 24, 2009

La Bamba

Hearing this song in a store recently sure brought back some memories! This was one of my favourite movies when I was younger (Oh Lou Diamond Phillips, come to me in a dream), despite being sure it was pretty scandalous with some kind of raunchy shower scene at the beginning that I most certainly was not meant to be watching. I was so sophisticated I could hardly stand it.

So naturally, when I was at some kind of community fair and there was a karaoke competition I knew exactly what I would sing to wow the judges. The fact that I didn't actually know the words or speak Spanish didn't bother me at all. However.....once on stage I quickly realised that 'Ba la la la la la bamba, spaghetti and meatballs, and maybe a pizza' wasn't going to cut it. I do realise that La Bamba is Spanish that those various foods are not, but I think the limited experience of 'foreign cultures' outside the Pacific at the time meant that to my 7 year old self, Italian and Spanish were one and the same.

Needless to say, the teenager (she was probably only 12, but seemed much older to me) who sang 'Like A Virgin' ended up winning.



lyn tupaea said...

I know you really did looooovvveee that movie !!!!! funny how songs remind us of things xxxx mum

mine... and now yours. said...

this post is oh so incredibly beautifully you. ah man. why WHY do we live so far apart?