Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kumpelnest 3000

I have been tagged by the lovely Jodi of Che & Fidel, my sweet friend down south. The idea is to open the 6th photo, in the 6th folder on your computer, blog about it and tag six others. I love that in the couple other posts I read who did this, people found forgotten treasures that made them smile. Just like this one I found.

It was taken in August '07 in Berlin at Kumpelnest 3000, one of the most out of control bars I have ever been to. Formerly a brothel in the 70s, it has kept all it's original decor including double doors covered in fluffy flame patterned fabric, a smashed-up-put-back-together mirror, rainbow lights, many kitschy photos and a whole lotta velvet. Reading about it in the Lonely Planet, we definitely couldn't pass it up, and thank goodness - it was such a treat! After walking through what seemed like an industrial/officey type area we found the place almost totally empty save for an old guy sitting in the corner in a suit (flared pants of course) made entirely out of yellow, green and orange plaid, and our bar tender in his crocheted muscle tee. I kid you not.

Haha, oh it was such a fun night and many, many photos were taken (lots where we tried to sneak the plaid suit guy in) as we listened to funk compilations (played on a cassette player) and chatted to the bar tender about 'his girls' and thrifting. Apparently, from what I can tell from the photos on the website, we were there on a very quiet night.

I taaaag, Julie, Kate, Evie, Pip, Nina & Kerri.

Have fun!


REread said...

great post ... and i love your teacup in the banner (and book) I am inspired now to go make some tea cup art ... :)

handmade romance said...

Hey Becka thanks for tagging me. Funnily enough you have been on my mind today! I know I owe you an email plus tonight I also made the hummus you gave me the recipe for. Finally!