Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To All The Houses I Have Loved Before

This is the new drawing I did for the moleskine exchange. I wasn't exactly sure what this particular moleskine's theme was, but there were cute little houses glued in the front so I went with that. It's not quite all the houses I have loved before, but they wouldn't all fit. These are the ones I could remember well, or that had strong nostalgia attached to them. I love that when I look at drawings of houses, I still see faces.


The Little Mama said...

I love these, Becka!

handmade romance said...

Oh WOW Becka some very cute little house drawings!! Loving your moleskin exchange work. Thanks for sharing them with us : )

lyn tupaea said...

the one in the middle looks like our townhouse in Grey Street ???? Am I right ????? mum xx