Monday, November 2, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

So, its November. November!! When did this happen? I'm going to chime right in there with everyone else with the 'where has the time/year/Fall gone?' refrain. Because seriously, where has it gone? Christmas is coming scarily (ok, and also secretly excitingly) closer and there is a most definite chill in the air. This past weekend was so fun and perfect for welcoming in the changing seasons. Last night we attended the Day of the Dead celebration at Rhizome, which was lovely and cozy. We brought fruit for the altar that was lit up with candles, lights and decorated with beautiful paper cuts. People placed photos of loved ones, their favourite foods, coffee, beans, Zapatista corn, chili and of course Pan de muerto. I really, really love Rhizome and it is so perfect on a cold Vancouver night. We warmed up on their amazing lentil stew, home made chai and the Guatemalan hot chocolate. Not only that, but on all the company and good conversation that overflowed from all the family there celebrating.

Of course there was also Halloween, for which we dressed up and headed out the Vampyre Movie weekend I'd mentioned. We saw Let the Right One In and Habit, and I loved them both! I must be clear that I am not by any means a scary movie fan, but neither of these were actually that scary. For sure I got frights because, you know, people were jumping onto people in order to suck their blood and kill them.....but, still, so very good. In between our movies we had just enough time to head over to The Templeton for some fries and a shake, served to us by a lovely bearded lady (sadly no photos, I wish I'd asked!), as we watched the parade of costumes going down Granville Street. Can you guess who we were?

Ok, you don't actually have to guess who I was as I'm not too sure myself. My initial costume idea was a bust, so I grabbed this crazy lace mask, dressed all in black, wore a giant piece of amber around my neck and was some kind of Super Villianess/Labyrinth masquerade ball goer.


Urban Environmentalist said...

eek.. it is November and I haven't even started thinking about Christmas gifts yet..

I love the mask!

Raising Seven Vegans said...

If you saw the shops here, you would think it was christmas already! Great blog by the way!

lyn tupaea said...

Man the Day of the Dead Celebrations sound cool (: what fun you and Richard are having xxx