Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

Like most of us I'm sure, Sesame Street was a total staple of my childhood. I really, really wanted to live there! Recently we watched a bunch of the old episodes with friends and I was surprised by how ingrained into my memory it all was. Each time a new skit started it was as if I'd watched it yesterday! Also, I was reminded how incredibly progressive it was, which of course as a kid I just took as being totally normal. Of course its ok to live in the inner city! Of course its ok to breastfeed in public! Of course its ok to to be low income or on welfare! Of course its important to represent a wide range of ethnicities and abilities (and accurately and non-cheesy)! So, so good.

Anyway, here's one of my all time favourite moments. It was hard to choose! Aside from that the kids are getting to hang out with Stevie Wonder (whom I love), and hear real music not cheesy made for kid pretend music, watching the little girl just going for it in the background, kills me every time!

Enjoy! Oh, and also check out the other clips I've linked to if you get the chance....and this one. Mostly for the wee girl and kids dancing. Love!


The Little Mama said...

The boys are watching a Sesame Street Christmas dvd as we speak! So good! (And I swear they picked a christmas one on their own. Promise.)

Urban Environmentalist said...

Awesome clip! I loved it when they danced to Feist's 1234 more recently. What a great show. I'm hoping my little man gets into it soon. We're stuck on Barney right now..sigh.

Jen Chandler said...

I miss Sesame Street! I haven't watched that in years! I loved it and still would if I had a TV. Might have to hunt down some DVDs :)