Friday, November 27, 2009

Farmer Joe

1. Plaid Skirt by sohomode 2. Cape Plaid by sohomode 3. iPhone Case by blytheking
With the onset of cooler weather I'm all about all things cozy. Wool, flannel, quilts and the like. And plaid, of course the plaid! I can't tell if I first fell in love with plaid while simultaneously falling in love with grunge in the early '90s, or if it is more of a throwback to living in the country and being surrounded by farmers in the ubiquitous Swandri, but love it I do. Most especially if it is in wool or flannel! I know I am not alone in this love, as it has been everywhere lately, and I've also been squirrilling away some plaids to make things for the upcoming craft shows (and also really just for my own house...ha!). Here are a few of my favourite things plaid-wise that I've seen and loved recently, I hope you enjoy!

6. Vintage Plaid Black & Tan Shirt by Miss Modish Vintage, 7. Pillow with vintage plaid by enhabiten

8. Bilfold key chain wallet by Stash, 9. Small messenger by Stash (h/t giant dwarf)

And this Teen Vogue shoot I am completely smitten with, in all its grungy plaid, layering glory.