Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

A little funky German Christmas love for you all. I can't tell if I love this song more for the video clip, how much it reminds me of late night Christmas shopping or Bobby Farrell's hair/'solo'*/costume/dancing. I do secretly love these guys though, in all their weird German reggae disco glory!
p.s. Thanks for all the well wishes, sadly we're still sick. Ugh. More tea, please!
*Bobby Farrell doesn't actually sing, it's all lip synced. Same manager as Milli Vanilli, seriously. Is it weird that I know this?


jen said...

okay so random, i have to listen to boney m "daddy cool" at work constantly (i work for a russian couple) and nobody has EVER heard of boney m before I tell them about it!

jen said...

and yes it is weird you know this, but i know it too! sorry just got all excited there on this almost 2 month old post. haha.

becka said...

Hahaha, Jen that is so funny! Yes, weird together! I'll have you know that I've even seen them in concert back home, it was free. Natch.