Sunday, December 13, 2009

White Christmas

I'm still here! I feel like this past week has been almost nonexistent, it's just flown by! Got Craft? was a huge success for us, and we got to meet and hang out with so many lovelies that it was just such a fantastic (but busy) day. I've been working extra hours this week, and we've been trying to keep on top of Christmas orders, but I finally got the chance to do a bit of decorating this week before a wee Yuletide Bash that we threw. I feel so much more in the Christmas spirit now! Last night we watched It's a Wonderful Life while babysitting, and this morning woke to snow (at last!) so it really feels like Christmas is on its way now. I love it!

How are you all, my loves? Christmas shopping all done? (Ha, yeah right...I'm not finished at all!) Decorations hung? I hope you're all having some time to relax in there to sip some mulled wine and the like! Well, I've slacked a bit on the Christmas carols, but not to worry because there is still many a carol day left before the 25th, so here is a favourite from the man who to me is the voice of Christmas, perfect for a snowy day. Enjoy!


The Little Mama said...

Oh, the Bing Crosby White Christmas record has been on very very heavy rotation at our house this week (despite Teague's constant pleas to listen to Bambi a la Shirley Temple). I hope your snow sticks around until after the New Year!

(And, yes, those deer ornaments are amazing... Richard is crazy.)

Anonymous said...

I went and and saw the stage version of White Christmas last week. I love the movie and the musical was WONDERFUL! I keep meaning to blog about it. There was even "snow" for the audience during the final number. Very magical. Happy Holidays!

becka said...

Oh wow, Laura! I've heard good things about that show, if only I had time to get out to these kinds of things! Next year, for sure :)