Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pretty packaging

I love the present wrapping part of gift giving, and have even become one of those people who save all the left over wrap and ribbons to reuse in later gifts. It is just so satisfying to me, being able to personalise the outside of the gift (both for the recipient, and with some of my own aesthetic) and create a little extra excitement for the person who gets to open it all up! I'm almost always drawn to brown paper and string, and this year I also made some little gift tags with manila labels and a blender pen to transfer the images. This is a super easy and pretty way to make tags that reflect your style, and I have a tutorial over at Poppytalk that will walk you through all the steps if you'd like to give it a go!

Speaking of gift wrap, you should most definitely check out the gorgeous downloadable prints for wrapping paper from Fifi Mandirac. (found via mikes) The bunting pattern at the bottom kills me! And don't stop there, pop over to this awesome post on Dos Family that Ebony did all about gift wrapping! I love it all, especially the belly bands! Ha, so cute.

Happy wrapping, friends!



Urban Environmentalist said...

I also am one of those people that reuse the gift wrap - I even take it to the next level by reusing christmas cards. I save the side with the message and reuse the front cover of the card as a christmas postcard type deal. Your brown paper and string wrapped presents look just delightful!

dahlhaus said...

This was a great tutorial Becka, can't wait to try it! Merry Christmas to you too:)