Friday, December 18, 2009

Winding down.

Lights of Hope, St Pauls Hospital (I snapped this on my iphone while riding home last night)

The weather lately has been totally screwing with me, no snow but warmer temperatures and lots of drizzly rain. It doesn't feel like Christmas time at all! I'm pretty sure it's also due to the fact that we have been insanely busy which of course means our house is a mess and I've only half decorated (don't even get me started on holiday baking or Christmas movie watching!). Don't get me wrong though, we're busy because so many lovely people have being buying handmade for Christmas from us, and we greatly appreciate the support for our wee store! We'll be sending off our last couple of last minute packages tomorrow via speedy Fedex, and then after a major clean up it'll be all about movie watching, decorating and gingerbread baking! I also have a ton of ideas blog posts and craft projects I want to get to and share with you all, so I'm looking forward to getting on top of all that come next week.

I hope you're all winding down for the year, and getting some relaxation in now that Christmas is almost upon us (ha, unless like me there are still gifts to finish and you're secretly just freaking out. Bring on the mulled wine and hot toddys, I say!). Enjoy a lovely weekend!



charismagic said...

I've actually completed my xmas shopping which is a first! I haven't gotten round to baking a single christmassy morsel though...

Maya Tara Credico said...

hey girl! I saw you guys' stuff on the front page of l'etsy!

Sorry we missed eachother at the holiday parties, but we seriously do need to hang out...soon!!!

lyn tupaea said...

love you becka xxx mum

becka said...

Charismagic - me too! It feels amazing, and is so unlike me, haha! No baking yet, that's a job for today I think!

Maya - Yes please!! Are you around this week, or doing Christmassy stuff? I think we need some kind of holiday movie night!

Mum - love you too, and I need to email you!