Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Charlies

I really am quite amazed that I have finished my Christmas shopping on time this year, which I think is probably a first in my adult life (ok, ok aside from Richard but he lives with me and so that means there is still Christmas eve to finish knitting and parcels to arrive *please*). Strangely, there is actually a part of me that enjoys the late night Christmas Eve, carol infused shopping. Aside from the inevitable not actually finding what you want and ending up getting Nunzilla (which of course, he totally loved).

However, I do feel for all you other last minute and stressed out Charlies, because you are my people. Especially as you will note that these fantastic printable gift certificates I'm about to tell you about, were listed in the shop just last night, ie: 2 days before Christmas. So yes, we now have gift certificates in le shop! They can be either emailed directly to you to be printed out and gifted, or we can email them directly to the recipient (with a lovely note, of course). OR, if you are not a last minute charlie we can print them out ourselves, gift wrap and mail them to the lucky person. So, if there is someone on your list still present-less, and you think they would like something from our store, this could be just the ticket!

Also, because I love you so and would love to be able to give you all many a Christmas gift, I will be giving away one $50 gift certificate for you to gift or just keep all to yourself. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me about you worst/craziest/funniest last minute gift buying or giving moment. I will draw the winner Christmas morning, whenever it is that I arise (so...around 10ish, ok 11ish pst). If you are not in the habit of last minute gift buying, you may also leave a comment, just this once.


Rhiannon said...

Ugh, I just read your tweet about the sewing machine not working as you try to finish sewing some gifts. That can be the trick when making gifts. A couple of years ago I was finishing the sewing on my FIL's gift in the back seat of the car on the way to Christmas dinner. And I totally forgot to bring anything to wrap it with so I think I just tied it up in a plastic bag. Classy.
Right now I'm waiting for my mum to pick me up so we can knock off some more shopping.

Also, I wanted to say that the blender pen technique is my favorite way for transferring designs for carving stamps or wood burning. There are so many possibilities.

burrito said...

Since all my family live far away, I end up doing my christmas shopping stupidly early and then I gloat over people (only a little). My partner, however, used to LOVE doing all his shopping on christmas eve... although now he says that too many other people do the same thing so it's not as quiet and peaceful as it used to be. He's out shopping now, actually. ;)

lyn tupaea said...

what a great idea !!!! as thoughftul as ever Becka xxxx lkove mum

Jennifer said...

This story isn't from this year, because I've been the final push to get a book done by deadline has meant I've had to skip holiday festivities entirely. But a long while ago, when I still had roommates, I decided that in the DIY, indy spirit (and as a statement against over-consumption) I would try to make all of my holiday gifts.

Lovely idea, yes?

Well... sure, except for the fact that I'm about as crafty as the Senate is lefty. By which I mean (in case there's any doubt): not very. Oh, but I tried. There were several botched attempts at decopage, one ill-fated ironic needlepoint, and the winner: a batch of brownies. Yum, right? Wrong. I rarely baked, so I hadn't realized that my roommate had put the salt in a jar that looked like a sugar jar. Result: my friend bit into what she thought was going to be a mouth full of sugary, chocolaty goodness, and got treated to the biggest sodium jolt you can imagine. I wanted the thought to count, but she thought my thought was, "Give her a salt-induced heart attack, and I'll get the bigger bedroom."

So nowadays, when I want to give a home-made present, I stick to writing something special -- or I go to Etsy or Ebay.

erin / atlantictreefox said...

how about THIS. i don't HAVE last minute gift stories because i am SO ahead of it. i buy my gifts in october/november. is THAT crazy enough for you? gimmie da monies.


pps. i sound mental in this comment.

ppps. this is all just making it worse.

night. <3

Jessica Anne said...

I don't have any funny or crazy stories really because I don't normally put off my Christmas shopping. Most of the time I like to make gifts. I made, or bought on etsy for nearly all my gifts, and packaging this year. It makes me happy to give special handmade gifts. :)

Tina said...

Happy Christmas love! Sending you warm wishes for a happy new year!!