Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bits and pieces.

Oh, hi! I can't believe it's already Wednesday, this week is just flying by! I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about but was laid up sick at the beginning of the week and then attended a birth until the early hours of this morning so I'm playing catch up a bit now. Anyway, here's some photos of what we got up to this weekend. The weather was beautiful so we got tons of walking in, went to the fantastic Spool of Thread grand opening (more on that soon), ate a gigantic plate of nachos, picked out houses that we'd like to live in, bought new jeans that are about two miles too long for me (story of my short-legged life) and then crashed on the couch for a drink at Rhizome at the end of a long day. It was so good to forget about housework and the like to spend the weekend hanging out with friends and enjoying the sunshine!
Everything should be back to normal on the blog tomorrow, including the next artist interview with the lovely Lisa Congdon! Hope you're all having a fantastic week!
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