Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer & battling insecurities.

It felt like summer was officially here this weekend, hooray! Perhaps all our moaning and groaning about the rain (which really, is pretty much to be expected in Vancouver. The rain, that is) has done the trick and we're now going to be able to enjoy some sunshine. Man, it feels so good. On the way over to the beach (I was visiting a client post-partum who is lucky enough to live just steps away from this) and heading up a packed 4th Ave I couldn't even feel annoyed at how slow everything was going as everyone just seemed so happy! There were sandals, smells of sunscreen, straw hats and beach bags and everyone had giant grins on their faces. Ha, obviously we've been waiting for this! We grabbed some food from the concession stand and headed down to stare out at the ocean before walking our way back along the water front to find a bus. The vitamin d was good to us and I can't wait to get back out there today once I make some kind of dent in my to-do list!

I'm usually more of a spring and autumn girl, but I've definitely been at that stage where spring is ending and I'm craving the sun over the past wee while. Summer fashion starts coming out and I get excited about breezy dresses and sandals. That is, until summer actually hits and I remember how uncomfortable I often feel in those clothes. In my head I think I'm going to wear all these cute shorts and swimsuits, until my inner fat girl monologue gets the better of me and I either end up trying to cover up or just not putting myself in situations where seasonally appropriate dress would be expected (the beach, a barbecue, trip to the pools and the like) for fear of being swallowed by self consciousness. There was once a summer (or two, wince) as a way more insecure teen where I wore jeans no matter what the weather because I had such a loathing of my legs. I don't know if it's me getting older, or having become more familiar and involved in the fat and body acceptance movement or saving money so having a limited amount of clothing choices available to me, but this year I've said screw it. I am no longer going to swelter and actually be more uncomfortable because I'm not the right shape. Bring on the short skirts, rompers and hopefully one of these swimsuits. What I can't find, I'm going to try and make and I plan to enjoy all of summer this year!

ha, so yes you can't actually see my seasonally appropriate wear in this photo but I didn't realise it was just a shot of my top half until we got home!
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