Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Morning light

I'm not even going to pretend that I'm a morning person. Never have been, most likely never really will be. But I want to be! You know how in movies and on tv shows they always have all this magical time before school or work to sit down for breakfast, read the paper, chat, etc. Where does this time come from! I don't really understand how that all works, aside from the fact that of course a) it's not real and b) if it was real (and you know there are people out there who for this is totally normal) of course it is just because they actually get up earlier than just 20 minutes before they have to get out the door. I have to admit, the times I do get up early, once I'm up I really love it. I enjoy the quiet, not feeling like I have to rush and sitting in the morning light. So I'm going to try and make this a bit more of a habit. Which will mean not staying up past midnight, ahem. Also, this is starting tomorrow as today I couldn't bear to drag myself out of bed due to this incessant rain! So how about you? Morning person or night owl?

Here's some link love for your perusal today, especially if it's anything like here and you're planning on hibernating all day;
- I'm in love with these cross stitch pendants by the very clever Heather of Dahlhaus.
- I really enjoyed this piece on Native appropriation, heritage capitalism and Antiques Roadshow.
- I've decided that I must have this tent for summer camping, and if not then at least this adorable sleeping bag. Or this one! Swoon. (via frolic)!
- Totally floored by this diorama that Julianna made.
- Stunning shots of New York (one of the worlds most beautiful cities, in my opinion) by my friend Alex.
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