Friday, June 25, 2010

Haircut reveal

Bangs take one. Please excuse the mirror face, I simply can't help it!

I've had pretty much the same haircut for quite awhile now. It's been longer and shorter but always ends up the same shape (like a triangle, I have that it gets really weighed down on the ends), so I decided to be brave this week and get some bangs (or a fringe as I would normally call it) rather than just asking for my usual 'oh, I was thinking of this know....maybe.....just a trim'. It was a bit of a shock at first, and I'm thinking I need to go back and get them made a little heavier, but overall I think I like it! Today was the moment of truth as I was finally forced to wash it and see what it was going to do when left to it's own devices. Let me tell you, I hate blow drying my hair so I never do it. Nor do I use any product in my hair because I really don't like the feel of it, but I think I may have to embrace a little bit of both of these to make this haircut (or at least the bangs!) work. We shall see. Anyone have any tips on some good, frizz taming product that doesn't feel gunky and is maybe organic-ish?

Bangs take two. So much bigger!

Anyway, that first photo was taken earlier today when I was about to rush out the door after only having time to do a quick dry of the bangs and this second one was taken about an hour or so later. Haha, the growth!

Alrighty, I'm off to get popsicles! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend friends!
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