Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm really excited to announce that not only do we have a new DIY in the latest Blanket Magazine issue, but that we're going to be continuing on as regular contributors to the magazine! Bec puts together such a great magazine and we're really honoured to be joining the team. This month is the Landscape issue and it is just as beautiful as ever, I really recommend checking it out. Amazing cover art by Jo Cheung, photography from one of my favourites Erin Tyner and some other fun tutorials in diorama and tilt shift photography (miniature landscapes!). Our tutorial is teaching you how to make a simple landscape inspired mobile. The trick is all in finding the balance points, which is surprisingly easy so maybe you'd like to give this a go! 

Balance, definitely something I'm still trying and learning to achieve in my life. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I am a total last minute person. I need that pressure to get things done, and as much as I hate it when I'm actually pulling the all nighter (or, attempting to as I most definitely can't to it anymore. I'm too old and sleep is too good!) it's always seemed to work well for me. Only, the aftermath of said late nights is starting to get to me and it's this; the messy house, candy wrappers and mugs of tea all over the place, my sleep schedule all out of whack, that I'm thinking really needs to change. 

Like I mentioned in my last post, the shop update I had planned for Tuesday had to be postponed. And then postponed again. Both reasons were totally unforeseen and there wasn't much I could do about them, but had I been a little more on top of things I might have been able to work around them. I wonder if I can trick myself into being more organised? Anyway, in an attempt at being realistic about how I work I've postponed the shop update until next Monday (13th Oct.) despite having done most of the work for it. I'm really hoping that my brain takes the cue that this means I should work on it a bit each day, thus leaving me the time to do other things rather than sit at my computer surrounded by post-its and scraps of veneer all day. As a sign that things might be on the up and up, I've already purchased a Christmas present for this year! I'm hoping to have everything ready to be able to ship to NZ/Australia at the cheaper than 5 days before Christmas rate. Let's just not talk about the fact that some of the gifts I'll be sending are ones that never made it out in time last year. Sigh.

A sneak peek at the mobiles we've been working on, that will hopefully make their way into the shop update. Think falling leaves, the milky way and tiny landscapes!
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