Friday, October 8, 2010




Icelandic horses


I have been totally swept away by Caroline's photos of Iceland ever since she returned earlier in the year. The drama and colour of these are incredible, and have only confirmed my desire to visit the country! I'm hoping she'll set up a wee shop someday soon so that I can hang some of these prints permanently on my wall. I was chatting to Caroline yesterday to get permission to post these here, and I'm so glad I did (aside from the fact that she is great and I can't wait to hang out in Montreal with her in a few short weeks!) because these were the perfect images to look through today while stuck in bed after a short hospital stay last night. Nothing too serious, but while I'm feeling pretty rough and sorry for myself in bed today I can dream of escape from my bed while I listen to Ursula snoring away underneath it. 

Happy weekend friends, it's Thanksgiving here and today I am thankful for lovely, caring friends who drive you to emergency in the middle of the night, a husband who brings me cereal and the laptop to watch Project Runway in bed and cooler days so that I can stay under quilts all day.

Have the best weekend, fingers crossed I will see you back here on Monday with a shop update!
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