Friday, October 15, 2010


The temperature has definitely dropped over the last couple of days, which is almost enough to justify a trip to Old Faithful for one of these gorgeous blankets. There is pretty much no way I should be even thinking about buying anything housewares like with our trip home coming up, but I feel like these could pass as a souvenir of my life in Canada, yes? Please say yes. 

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and support of our update and necklaces! I'm really pleased that people seem to like them, and we sold our first one this morning so I'm already planning out a few new designs to try out as well as making some more prisms to stock. It feels really good to have that all taken care of, and now I can start getting ready for the Christmas rush plus finally taking care of some wholesale orders. Fun never stops around here!

As we've both been working lots the past few weeks, I'm so excited to have this weekend free to play. We're going to be at Canzine West* tomorrow from 1pm-7pm as part of a little mini Got Craft? market. I can't wait, it's definitely something I would have liked to visit anyway and I'm really excited to check out all the zines there. I'm also hoping to head out to the Apple Festival on Sunday to taste a Grimes Golden or two and watch some cider being made, and I might check out the Mary Janes Flea Market happening in our neighbourhood, too. So many fun times! 

Well, this was a bit of a jumble of a post. That's what I get for locking myself in and working for so long, unreasonable excitement of being out in the real world that manifests itself as stream of consciousness blog posting. Ah well! 

Have a great weekend, friends!

*I am going to close up the shop from midnight tonight until midnight Saturday night, so that there is no double up of purchasing. Naturally I haven't been organised enough to made things especially for this market!
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