Saturday, May 9, 2009


I love birthdays, and although it is a little strange being so far away from friends and family on days like this, cupcakes and a picnic by the beach definitely make up for it. Sadly, Richard is studying for a big Stats (eww) test tomorrow. I know, why would you schedule an exam for a Sunday? Crazy talk. Anyway, he was rather tied up with studying so Amber and I trotted off to grab some yummy food and sit and chat on the grass. She even bought me that sweet lemon cupcake up there, so so good. The frosting!!

Vancouver really turned it up today, it was beautiful down at Kits Beach, although I felt rather conspicuously more clothed than most people there. We found the best chickpea salad to snack on (as you may have noticed, we forgot forks...its not at all that Amber has no manners. Really, I don't think either of us has any problem with eating with our hands, haha) while we people watched and talked doula, and tried to will all the cute dogs to come over and visit with us.

Excitingly, I came home to find that Richard had put aside the books for a bit to make me this delicious flourless chocolate almond cake. Fancy, I know. It even has espresso and rum in it! Ooh la la. I am actually eating some right now, in bed with chamomile tea. How perfect is that?


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

perfection . . .bliss, even! lol! xxxx

The Little Mama said...

I hope you had the happiest day! I really wish I could have been there.
Missing you all!

Bird Bath said...

perfectly splendid! Lovely celebrations for you birthday - I bet they made you feel special.
The beach looks wonderful (and green) I'm used to seeing much more sandy beaches.