Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria

Goodness, she looks serious. Really, it is her birthday so perhaps we could've gotten a bit of a smile? Anyway, we've decided to celebrate (the long weekend also..) by having a wee sale over at the shop. We've taken $5 off our embroidery hoop chalkboards, one of which is featured in the Graduation Gifts gift guide!

We've also adjusted the shipping costs on our Writing Slates, as apparently I'd done some crazy calculating and they were listed at about double the real costs! So sorry!

Enjoy your weekend!



handmade romance said...

oh my I think its been too long between visits here for me! firstly happy birthday and congratulations on opening the shop! sounds like you have been very busy. i do hope you are feeling much better now too. being sick is no good at all. i promise to pop by more often ; ) xx

Amber Csar said...

Happy Anniversary Becka and Richard!!!!

If there is another post for today (which I hope there is), I will have to move this. ha.

Enjoy the sun, the love, your sweet little life!