Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two loves.

Rearranging and deep cleaning is almost complete, and I'm loving the space we've created. Why we didn't have our furniture this way in the first place I'll never know. Our little apartment looks so much lighter and bigger!

So although it's not quite complete, I couldn't pass by these chrysanthemum's I saw when walking home. The look much more pink in these photos that in real life, where they are an almost lilac. I love how washed out the colour is, so romantic.

Love number 2, biscuits. They're a recipe on the fridge type of thing, although I think by now its imprinted on my brain. Thankfully it is on the fridge though, because Richard decided to whip these up to accompany our dinner tonight. Yum!

There is going to be a shop update tomorrow (finally!), so I'll keep you posted!


Cathy said...

The mums are beautiful, of course, but oh, those star-shaped biscuits! What a great idea, so much better than plain round ones.


Kate Bruning said...

How pretty - I am in bed with a cold and your photos have cheered me up so much!

lyn tupaea said...

re-arrranging sounds good (: flowers are so pretty and once again yet more awesome photos (: you really are so clever becka xxxx mum

kickpleat said...

Biscuit shapes? So lovely!! I also really like your cigar boxes. I see them in the thrift stores occasionally, but never pick them up. As for your rearranging, I'll have to come by and see what your places looks like! It might inspire me to change up ours :)