Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letter Brooches and technical difficulties.

I can't tell you how good the weather has been here lately, so lovely and sunny! I've been spending lots of time at the park or beach, picking up seedlings and getting excited about summer fruit (seeing a giant half barrel of cherries at the market today was a beautiful thing!). We've also been busy making some more treats and filling orders for the store and I was so happy to have what I thought would be perfect lighting to photograph our new Letter Brooches last night. Apparently not though, as it turned out these are the hardest things to catch on (digital) film! They're little glass tiles in rather light shades of blue and pink, and every time I thought I would have a shot and snap it they somehow just turned to being fluro white. Argh! Not soft and dreamy romantical like I had envisioned. We tried various backgrounds, eventually deciding white would work best so thank goodness for Richard's Value Village wedding shirt. It was too funny seeing him in a shirt and tie (he's more of a t-shirt and cardy, or plaid shirt kinda guy), especially as it had been taken in from being rather large so was hugely long on him and paired with old cargo's it looked like he was off to a ska concert, haha.

Anyway, we're both really happy with them and I'm loving the colours. I also love that there is a rather odd selection of letters (these were just found second hand at a local store), lots of x's and z's. So, if we don't have the initial for your name, but you're a xylophone player or zebra enthusiast then we still have a brooch for you! They will be in the shop tomorrow with some other treats like pretty magnets made from vintage floral playing cards and the like!

Alright, it is the start of my weekend so I intend to bake something very chocolatey, eat ice cream (thank you Amber!) and watch movies. Love it.


The Little Mama said...

Lovely! (Also, feeling a bit envious of the ice cream.)

Amber Csar said...

Enjoy the ice cream!

I love those tiles. Too pretty.

fibre manipulator said...

Lovely photos, lovely tiles. Any S's?

lyn tupaea said...

Becka !!!!!!! I LOOOOOVVEEEEE those so kool xxxxx mum

boubou said...

hello ! i just came across your blog randomly you have a very cool blog ans love the banner as well :)
ill be back to visit you for sure :)
a bientot !
Boubou xx

umama said...

The brooches totally compliment that beard! :0)

becka said...

Haha, thanks Umama! I'll have to let him know!

Sorry Steph, no S's...but I'm pretty sure there is an F. Does that count?