Friday, May 8, 2009

Giveaway! (pass it on)

Inspiration Hoop

I'm back! So sorry for staying away for so long! Richard and I have been working hard on making products and taking photos for our little shop, and I'm really excited to announce that it's ready! Head on over there for chalkboards, pin boards, writing slates and spring blossom earrings! Here are a few sneak peeks...

Writing Slate - Politeness edition
Spring Blossom earrings
Embroidery hoop chalkboard - cameo edition
Writing Slate - Owl
Working together on these was a lot of fun and we're both rather proud of our work. I definitely feel pretty lucky to have a husband that also doubles as partner in crafty-crime! We got to spend last weekend at Got Craft?, Vancouver's most fantastic indie craft fair, meeting blog readers, catching up with friends and getting some positive feedback on our products. I wish I had photos of our stall, but partly I forgot and partly I just could not make the lighting work for me.

I do, however, have a quick shot of us bringing our wares home...and a small friend that came back with us!

While at Got Craft, I got to meet up with a blog friend of mine, Kate from Tinywarbler. I have been dreaming about owning one of her amazing soft toys for some time now, so I was rather excited when she mentioned doing a trade! She is just lovely also, funny how the internet brings people together! I would highly recommend going to take a peek at her shop over here.
Aaanyway....giveaway! Because I just passed my first 100 posts, because we survived our first craft fair, because our shop is open for business, because it is my birthday tomorrow....and because we love you all (hello new readers!) we would like to spread a bit of of the Bliss In A Teacup love and excitement. Two lucky readers will receive a writing slate (check the shop to decide which one you love best) of their choice, a pair of spring blossom earrings and some other treats we'll rustle up.
All you have to do is leave a comment, and because I'm feeling birthay-ish, tell me about your favourite flavour of cake. I'll draw 2 winners at random on Sunday evening pacific standard time (fancy, right?).
*Edit: The giveaway will end at 12am PST - hurry, hurry!
Happy weekend!


The Little Mama said...

Ha! I love your slates, and I'm entering the contest. Even though I know you in real life.

It is totally wrong, but one of my favorite cakes is "confetti cake" that you buy as a mix.

As far as 'real' cakes go... oh goodness. I'll take what I can get. I love 'em all.

Kate Bruning said...

I think this is the hardest question I could be asked food-wise but I think a carrot cake with cream cheese icing... but the carrot cake is only there to act as a ladle for the icing. Oh, I just remembered.... Feijoa cake - I use a banana cake recipe and replace the bananas with feijoas - very kiwi. Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oooh! I saw the hoop that Kate (tinywarbler) picked up and it is so pretty!

My favourite flavour of cake is, hm. Well. Any flavour! I do prefer vanilla to chocolate, though. A nice buttercream vanilla. Mmm, cake.

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

bonne anniversaire! this is so awesome; i'm so proud of you guys!

my favourite flavour is white chocolate and raspberries . . .mmmmmm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love my banana cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream pleassse...
Hope you have a lovely Birtday dear! ~Blessings as always*

poet said...

Hi there,

so this is what it looks like after 100 posts. That's encouraging. Very cool things. I'm just getting started on my own blog, and as I moved from one continent to another last summer, I left a lot of my crafting supplies behind. Regretting that now, will catch up on it this summer...

My favorite cake is a blueberry-pear-streusel cake invented by my mom, made with olive oil so it tastes like panna cotta with fruit to everyone outside the family.

Word verification is telling me I'm "settiful". Whatever,


Lili said...

Im entering too! Congrats on your shop and happy birthday!!

My favorite flavor is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I think like The Little Mama's favorite cake, its something that reminds me of being a kid.

Amber Csar said...


I shouldn't be in this...although, I have to!

My favorite cake is also boxed chocolate cake, full fat version (no eggs!). How awful, and wonderful.

Also, UBC Ponderosa cake...I should find the ingredients and veganify them. Think banana, chocolate, sour 'cream', cinnamon and nuts. Super heavy!

Happy early birthday! Let me know when I can hang out with you :)

I cannot believe this beautiful blog is already at 100 posts. Amazing work Becka.

mine... and now yours. said...

so SO excited for this... for everything in this post.

and i like a nice thick, chocolately fudge brownie with yum tidbits and icecream over cake <3

Anonymous said...

Writing Slate with owl is so super cute!! Love it:)
My fav cake includes chocolate- lots of chocolate:D
Happy Birthday to you:)

tinahdee said...

I love hummingbird cake! Hope I win!

Rachelle Sharp said...

I love your blog. It looks gorgeous. I love cherry chip cake. From a box too. ;-)

Jac said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new shop! Happy birthday also! I do hope you are having a delicious cake on your birthday but one of my favourites is a homemade almond cake that contains 6 eggs and a block of marzipan amongst other ingredients and ends up as a very moist almondy sponge that is very nice with raspberries - yum! (the recipe is one of Nigella Lawson's)

SarCraw said...

My favorite cake is cheesecake! Does that count?? Haha. Cheesecake with cherry topping. Yum!

Urban Environmentalist said...

The slates are awesome! I looooove a cake my grandmother and mother made..lemon-lime cake using lemon cake mix, lemon pudding and lime jello mix it is deeeelicious. Congrats on 100 posts. Your stuff for the store is looking wonderful

Insanity Kim said...

Beautiful items!

For your birthday I want a huge slab of white cake with a ridiculous amount of white frosting. In fact just hand me a fork, some water, and leave me alone for about 20 min.

Thanks! :)

w said...

the owl slate is awesome! and it'll go great when i win this giveaway and whoot whoot!


my favorite cake is any cake. how sad is that? i'll eat it all.

happy birthday!

thanks for a great giveaway!

wendiwinn on etsy.

The Giveaway Diva said...

mmm love this!! mmm i love all types of cake do i really have to choose? i'll eat them all!!

Carapace said...

Ooh, writing slates! I need me one of these, for sure! My favorite is the Polite-- "Would you mind?"--version. Actually, blank would be fine...
The thing is, I have speech problems. This little dear won't be on a hook on the wall with me; it's coming along when I go out, so when my mouth fails me I can still get my point across! Great idea!:D

My favorite cake...ooh, that's a toughie! But I think it's probably Tres Leches, or maybe German Chocolate...hmmm... you do ask the great imponderables!


kate said...


i love mango mousse!!


Erica said...

wow definetly a great giveaway!!

i love chocolate cake of course!!!


diandra said...

my favourite cake is definitely a black forest cake or a plain vanilla birthday cake, but i've always wanted to try a pink lady cake. i love cake.

and i love you! happy birthday! i'm heading home to put a postcard in the mail for you. xo.

Nicki said...

great giveaway!!

i'd have to say i love chocolate! nothing can beat it!!


Michelle said...

love your slates!! how adorable!!

i love mousse cake!! mmm happy birhtdya!! =)


kickpleat said...

I think my favorite cake is coconut with raspberries. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!!! The slates are beautiful, of course.

Splendid Things said...

very cute! I like the owl slate! and my fav is Chocolate! Happy b-day! jeanette

Audrey said...

I love any cake with lemon in it, on it, beside it. I just made a lemon dessert with graham wafer crust, cream cheese, lemon pudding and cool whip!! Yummy!
Congrats on opening the new shop!!

Kayla said...

I love lots of cake, but I prefer cheesecake best, with fresh fruit ontop for added flavour. I make a mean one myself ;).
theclockworkspider on etsy

kate said...

oh becka, your shop looks SO good! you guys did a great job. (i've linked to it on my flickr) and i'm glad you like your new bear!!

my fave cake flavor is probably red velvet. or vanilla. i hope you had a super awesome birthday! it sounds like you did, lucky lady.