Monday, May 11, 2009

Have your cake and eat it too.

via RCoshow

Thank you all for your congrats, birthday wishes and entries into our giveaway! It was so much fun reading all your comments, I was so surprised to see so many different flavours of cakes! I did love that almost all of you basically said that you just love cake, period. Haha, so true. Every time a new comment came in, I became more and more hungry/desperate for cake. Anabela, you had me at buttercream. I also must say that one of my favourite comment quotes was from Kate at Greedy For Colour...

'I think this is the hardest question I could be asked food-wise but I think a carrot cake with cream cheese icing... but the carrot cake is only there to act as a ladle for the icing'

Haha, so so true.

I guess I should really get on with the results (thank you! I'm actually doing this as I type, all very exciting. The winners are...numbers 4 & 7, Anabela and Lili! I will be emailing you both to get address info, slate/earring preferences and such.

Like I said, I had lots of fun doing this, and as I have never won a giveaway (and am always secretly bummed) really I just wanted everyone to win. Which means I will for sure be doing some more giveaways soon!

Oh, and look! We were lucky enough to be featured on the front page on Saturday. Not a bad birthday present for a new wee shop.

Right, so I best get back to work. I have some Spring Blossom earrings to make for Lucky Rooster and a movie to watch. I hope you're all enjoying a lovely start to your week!



Amber Csar said...

So good!

Thanks for the giveaway...secretly bummed too :)

anabela / fieldguided said...

Yay again! Thank you, and thanks for making me think about cake again. I just love remembering that cake exists!

Kate Bruning said...

Thanks so much even for the question - it was very good for my psyche to do some serious digging cake-wise. Now I am going to analyse what it all means.

Jac said...

Hey congratulations on a front page on Etsy - that is a nice beginning! :)