Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chin up.

I've been off work sick this week, yet again. It feels like I have constantly been sick since Winter started and I am most definitely over it. Seriously, every bug loves to come and infect me, so gross. Aside from generally just feeling gross, I hate missing out on things when I'm sick. I always try getting back to real life before I'm ready and then just end up straight back in bed. So today I'm taking it easy, watching movies (Heathers!) and of course browsing the wonderland that is the internet for things to brighten up my day.

via The English Muse

I recently discovered a lovely blog, The English Muse, written by Tina who also is a celebrity columnist for the Los Angeles Times. To be fair, she really discovered me first, and not only is she super friendly but she also takes the most beautiful photos. I love, love her polariods of LA life, flea markets, Sunset Blvd and roses from her garden...I could go on. I recommend going over to take a peek for yourselves.

Melissa Pavlovic of Poodlebreath was at Got Craft? a few weeks back and I was totally blown away by her brooches, pendants and other ceramic beauties (check out this wall decor, love it). They are beautiful and otherworldy. I really love how she uses colour and a disembodied taxidermy type feel to create something ethereal and lovely (who would've thought I'd type 'disembodied taxidermy' and 'lovely' in one sentence).

And finally, you wouldn't know it by looking outside today, but Summer is on its way and that means picnics, camping trips, lake swimming, (vegetarian) balcony barbeque's and berry picking.

Picnic at Hardy Dam, 1945 via Joey Harrison

Speaking of picnics, this is the year that I will introduce Canada to these treats which in my mind are the perfect picnic food.

Mmm, lamingtons. Although these also come in a chocolate flavour, I surprisingly (being as obsessed with chocolate as I am) love the strawberry kind the best and without cream....or just a hint. Yum!


Waterstone Jewelry said...

What a great blog. I've just discovered it. Very creative!

Mc Cranky! said...

yum yum yum, lamingtons.i'm going to make them this winter to warm up the house, i hope canada likes them!

Jac said...

Oh! I hope you feel better soon. At least you have the wonderful internet to keep you inspired when you're feeling under the weather.

Bird Bath said...

Hoping you're on the mend soon enough to enjoy the approaching summer. Take it easy and enjoy the rest.
Hooray for lamingtons! I should make some too :)