Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!

It is my one year blogiversary today! Like I mentioned yesterday, I very nearly missed it as I was pretty sure that it was on Saturday for some reason. I celebrated with a little slice of lemon tart (my favourite!) and some new notebooks from Yoko Yaya (partly because I can't help myself) which are too cute and funny. I love that one says 'When you wish to share what's deep in your heart'. Exactly what a notebook is for!

When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure that I would be able to keep it up over time to be honest, but I have come to really love it. That first entry is so terrifying, not knowing if anyone will ever read or care about what you write, trying to figure out how to sound like yourself and still make sense to everyone! For sure the best part about keeping this blog has been all the amazing people I've met. Yes, that means you! When I first moved to Vancouver as a rather shy wee thing, the online crafty community was totally my saving grace. That's totally the beauty of this blogging world, being able to connect with like minded people and sharing your lives with them. Anabela and I talked about this a little while back, how we both talk about bloggers as if we know them while most of our real life friends would think we're crazy for doing so, but that is really how it feels to me, like we're just one giant group of friends!
So, speaking of Yoko Yaya, it is pretty much one of my favourite shops. Its like a little baby Daiso (the giant Japanese dollar store) and it is virtually impossible for me to leave there with out some kind of stationary, fruit scented highlighters or dog shaped markers. Obviously, there are only so many notebooks a girl needs (or so Richard says) and secretly I think part of me just loves the shopping experience. This, my friends, is good for you because I would like to celebrate my blogiversary by sending out some stationary packs to a few lucky readers! All you need to do is comment and tell me what your favourite item of stationary is. I'll admit that I saw this question on Found Paper Co. as part of their customer appreciation week, but really stationary is one of my absolute loves/obsessions and I can't wait to hear about yours!
I'll leave the entries open until midnight Friday August 7th, bring on the stationary love!
p.s. We have started a newsletter for the store/blog, that will let you know when sales, new stuff and giveaways are coming up. There will even be some secret squirrel subscriber sales! Go here if you'd like to sign up!


Barb at 11:11 said...

Hello ! Love your site, just found you tonight! I have a blog at www.11-11productions.blogspot.com
mostly photography and gardens
my 2 passions
And love the new stationery you found-could not tell if you sell stationery? But love the new notebooks you found about the love in your heart!
be well and glad to have found you!
Congratulations on one year!

Emma said...

My journal right now is a very unromantic dollar-store notebook with about 10 pages left in it. It is an ugly shade of orange but honestly, it is getting me through these baby blues. It helps me find clarity at a time when I feel that nobody else understands me and it is the closest girlfriend I have. So yeah, this ugly little notebook is my favourite piece of stationery right now, that and a good pen.

The Little Mama said...

No need to enter me in the contest, sweet Becka. Just wanted to wish you a happy blogiversary!

Keep it up lovely!

babalisme said...

I wish there were YokoYaya in my town, we have Daiso, and one stationary item I can't seem to resist is stamp. I'm a stationary freak so there will be number two on my list; notebooks and letter set. Third on my list is stickers.

I'm glad to find your blog, happy blogversary!

Bird Bath said...

happy blogversary to you....
hope you continue to enjoy blogging well into the future :)
stationary hmmm, I like practical stuff like notebooks or pencils but I love cute! so when the two are put together I'll be right into it. Stamps are pretty rad too. We have a couple of stores like orange story and blue bear which stock some very cute bits and pieces.

Christine said...

happy blog birthday to you, happy blog birthday to you, happy blloooogggggggggggg birthday to you ...... ( you can just imagine to joy of me singing that you you ) Well done, love it all xx christine

handmade romance said...

oh yay! happy bday to you. mine is coming up soon too. i relate to your comment about the first post i was exactly the same and whether you thought you'd be able to keep it up.

yummo on the lemon tart, now i feel like some. nom nom!! : )

i must say i cant go past a fresh notebook, with crisp white pages but as a kid i collected some crazy erasers...do they count as stationery?

evie x

Urban Environmentalist said...

Happy Blogiversary Becka! Keep up the good blogging.

My favourite stationary item...personalized stationary pads! There is nothing like a hand-written note on personal stationary in this technological age.

PS. I love lemon tarts!

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Congratulations--one year, ay? Big achievement, can see how much heart you put into this. But I wouldn't expect any less from a fellow tea lover!

mon ami said...

happy birthday to bliss in a teacup!

Thanks for introducing me to YokoYaya. I am a long time fan of Daiso and am happy to broaden my options for cute goodies.

My favourite stationary? (1)notebooks (2)vintage writing paper (3)stamps (4)labels - I love it all!

thanks for sharing

fibre manipulator said...

I went to Paper Mecca in Toronto called The Paper Place. Oh so many pretty things there! Whenever I get a new sketch book or notepad it takes me a little while to make the first mark. It feels so permanent but a full journal is much more interesting and special than an empty one. My favorite stationary these days is a little pack I got with a character called Tenorikumi. He's a bear who loves coffee. He says lots of things in Japanese and one thing in English. "Hello I'm Latte".

Casey said...

Happy blog birthday!! I love journals and notecards

fibre manipulator said...

Oh, and Happy Blog Birthday! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your photos are always so pretty too.

Katie said...

Happy anniversary! YokoYaya sounds super cool - I'm jealous :) My favourite stationary is/are homemade journals with little scraps and bits of vintage and recycled papers. Add a skinny Sharpie and I'm happy as a clam!

- Katie

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi there bliss in a teacup: It has been nice to find you as another blog to read! Happy blogiversary! :)
I love all stationary - being a teacher, I think it comes part and parcel with the job! Right now what I would love is a cute, handy little notebook that could fit in your pocket or handbag, so you can note down creative ideas at a moment's notice! Thanks for the comp ;)

Maverick Malone said...

That's fabulous!! Happy birthday to you and your blog :)

xox, mavi

anabela / fieldguided said...

Congratulations! It's pretty hilarious, isn't it? The other day I was at a party with three women who I have grown to adore and I sat there thinking about how I met them through blogs. That's right! So funny! I love it.

Count me out of the contest since I just won one, but please do keep up the good bloggin' work! xo

Emma said...

Yum, Lemon tarts! Happy Birthday!
My favorite pieces of stationary are heavy, brightly printed envelopes. I love sending mail, and receiving it, and the feeling of sealing the letters is the best.

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