Monday, August 17, 2009

In the thick of it all.

This was my view earlier in the day as I was quickly checking my emails (and twitter, and google reader...) this afternoon, and trying to pull myself back up the off the bed and get to work on my ever growing to do list. All I could think of was how jealous I was of Grayling getting to lounge about in the sun all day. He looks so comfy and content, lucky thing. We have been so crazy busy over the last few months it seems, and with Richard going back to work this it just feels like we have that much less time to get all the things done that we need to! I always feel kind of bad for complaining when we're busy, partly because I know I do it to myself and even more because the fact that we're busy with store stuff means that we're doing well - and that's a good thing! I guess I just feel a little overwhelmed by it all, and that maybe that going on one of those reality tv shows where your house gets cleaned out and organised wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. In saying all this, I really do love the things I am doing at the moment and I consider myself really lucky to be able to be doing something I love. If only my computer would stop eating documents and the internet would remain un-sketchy. That would help.

Ok, pity party over!

In happier news, we finally released a new product this week that we've been working on for awhile. Being the bibliophiles that we are, anything bookish strikes our fancy. We are also both big lovers of wood, and so looking through Richard's wood veneer collection we decided that they would make beautiful and long lasting bookmarks. No more dog eared books for us! Or you, if you'd like to pick one up over here. They're made from two different species of wood each, so that you get two beautiful grains and to make the bookmarks nice and strong. We've then added a little vintage image on them all from various books and paper ephemera we've collected, to peek out the top of your read. I'm really loving the birdseye maple grain that is on the front of this one! You can also find them over on our Poppytalk Handmade 'School Days' Market table, along with chalkboards and writing slates. Be sure to look around the market, as there is many a treat to be found!

Alright, before I leave I wanted to say a quick thank you and hello to the new readers who have been leaving me such lovely comments. I absolutely love hearing from you, and my hope is that this blog is a two way conversation between myself and all of you. I have yet to respond to your comment, or visit you at your blog space I promise I am coming soon! I also wanted to say thank you to the following few lovelies who have featured us on their blogs recently. This means a great deal to us, and we get rather excited when we see it! Please go and check out these blogs, some new and some old, they're all fantastic! Paper & Vintage, The Design Alphabet, On The Dot Creations, Hudsonny & the love Zoe from Conversation Pieces for bestowing a little award on this here blog!


tone almhjell said...

Hey, quite like my view! Balthasar the cat likes to snuggle om the bed behind my desk, looking like three scoops of ice cream, one vanilla, one caramel, one chocolate, with a dusting of dark cocoa.

Conversation Pieces said...

Is your cat a blue russian? (He looks very like our older cat who's half blue russian.)

Love the bookmarks too! :)

Amber Csar said...

Oh, I wouldn't be good with a cat! I'd want to snuggle all day. With this puppy, you have no choice but to wiggle :)

Happy Crafting!

handmade romance said...

Oh yay for you busy girl! I spotted these lovely bookmarks on PoppyTalk and headed straight over to say, they are gorgeous!
Grayling sure does look like he's living the life too ; ) I have the same envy over our little furry buddy all she does is follow the sun around our place and sleep in it! Ah the life of a cat!!
Also, I made your yummy cookies from the handmade help cookbook on the weekend, they are AMAZINGLY tasty!! xx

Rae said...

Hi there. I found your blog through wisecraft. It's really fun. My blog is new but please visit MY LITTLE HEN from time to time, especially this fall when I'll have time to make things!

lyn tupaea said...

I Looooove the bookmarks !!!!!! you two are so clever xxx

becka said...

Tone - I just took a peek at your cat on your blog, he's so beautiful!

Zoe - I'm not sure, he was a stray and kind of adopted my husband a number of years back. Looks like it though!

Rae - Thanks so much! I definitely will be checking in!