Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping on top of things at the moment, just a general feeling of being overwhelmed, you know? Funny coming right off my last post of excitement, I know. I'm not sure if I need to top up my iron levels, or get some earlier nights or what. Sometimes I fall into the bad habit of letting my thought life get away on itself where I think and plan and think and plan and dream and then all of a sudden I've thought up a million things to work on or worry about or get excited about and it's just too much. Gotta bring back the focus to the now a little bit and remember to be in the moment.

One thing that has captured my attention lately though are these beautiful letters by Anja Mulder. I could stare at them for ages, there's so much hidden in there! Do you see the little cat in the 'B'?

Hope your Thursday is going great!
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