Monday, May 24, 2010

A quick note..

Hello Hello! I'm just popping in quickly as our laptop is having issues yet again, and using our old desktop is like pulling teeth it's so slow. And uploading photos? Oh man, kill me now. I got myself a new camera was pretty excited to show you some of the photos I'd taken with it over the weekend, but I think uploading them could be the death of me. So here's the very first two. I love the colours in that top one. We live in pretty much a giant pink apartment complex, and I love the reflection of the sky in all the windows. In the second one you can see Ursula doing her most favourite thing, rolling around and around on the balcony. I swear it is all she does out there, for hours! It was cracking me up as each photo I took she'd twist in to a new pose. Super model cat!

I'm sorry I haven't announced the winners of the bunting giveaway yet, but the mighty desktop isn't really down with the whole more than one window open at once thing so I'll try getting to that tomorrow if I can sneak a moment at work! Fingers crossed our laptop will be back and healthy by then, also!

Hope you're all well. Get up to anything exciting over the weekend? I'd love to hear about it!
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