Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amish Love: Becca Standtlander

Ever since visiting an Amish community in Wisconsin when I was 5, I have been totally fascinated by their way of life. I'll say perhaps this could be in part due to being able to choose from the largest selection of homemade pies I have ever seen when we visited, but also perhaps because I have a lot of love for whitewashed walls and rolling fields. There is something so perfect to me about to combination of dark muted toned clothing and the green and white of the environment. I'll admit that I once had a secret fantasy that I would somehow be accepted into an Amish community, but would act as some kind of mediator between them and the outside world. All the pie I could eat, yet still internet access. Natch.

Now that I'm older, I feel a little uncomfortable about this slightly othering view, but I think as a kid seeing something so drastically different from your own way of life is pretty thrilling.

I do still love the aesthetic found in Amish communities, and I think this love is what first draw me to the work of Becca Stadtlander (ok, that and a tweet from Jeannette I believe?). The colours and contrast are so beautiful, and I love the ever so slight folk art feel to them. She seems to capture a little insight into a community closed off to us all, yet so intriguing. Now to choose which prints to buy from her store! She also has a great blog that she keeps up to date with what she's working on, and it is all so lovely. I particularly like her English Safari inspired work, amazing.
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