Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summertime Blues

I'm so excited to have my dear laptop back and running! I felt kind of terrible how antsy I was without it, addicted much? But really, it was mostly just because I had a bunch of work related stuff on here that I'd planned to work on over the weekend and apparently I don't react well to change? Either way, it's back and nothing is missing and I'm happy about that! And just as I was thinking when people were making fun of people for watching Lost and being very, very excited for the finale (and perhaps just generally talking about the ins and outs of the show), I'm not going to apologise for things that make me happy. Even if those things at the moment only amounted to a show about a magical island, and a more streamlined keyboard.

But also, ice cream! Well, sorbet but still so delicious. We took advantage of the sun making an appearance on Monday to take the first stroll of the season to La Casa Gelato for some sorbet and waffle cone goodness. I got lemon raspberry, and Richard lemon ginger, but I also tried pomegranate and lemon tequila which were both also pretty amazing although I'm not sure if I could handle a whole scoop full. I'm all about the samples, and I think there's over 200 flavours so I'm pretty sure you'd never run out of things to taste!

Oh, one last thing! Now that I have my computer back I was able to do the draw for the bunting giveaway! Thank you all again for entering, as much as I love doing giveaways I'm always a little bummed that I can't give something to everyone! The three winners are Chrissy, Diana and Francesca! I'll send you gals an email over the next day or so to get your info, colour choices, etc and I'll have your bunting and treats off to you quick smart.
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