Monday, May 31, 2010

New Things

I was taking some photos for Darling Heart yesterday and I thought I would snap some shots of a few new things around our house I've collected or been given and are brightening up these long grey days we're having. Checking the weather at the moment kind of makes me want to cry a little, rain, rain and more rain! Oh well, I thought I'd perhaps bought my Hunter Boots for nothing with the mild winter we had, so I guess now is my chance to bust those out!

1. I picked up this wee girl for a steal while browsing Ebay recently, and imagine my delight when I found out that not only does she have giant clogs, but she also does a little dance! At least I think she's a girl, not totally convinced though. I mean she is wearing a dress, but it's not as if there would be anything wrong with a young Dutch boy doing the same. Perhaps it's a doll to fight gender binaries? Yes, I like that.

2. This isn't actually something new, but when I was hanging out with Maya yesterday who had gifted it to me, I realised that I hadn't yet shown it off. So nice to have friends that thrift treats for you! I love hankies, (just to look at though, I can't bring myself to actually use them!) and really like the dainty embroidery on this one with the hat tip to my Australian roots.

3. I was so excited to find this pinecone outside our place! I love pine cones, but I never seem to see these large curved ones that I really adore. It's been perched up on a shelf in our entrance way, making the perfect jaunty little ornament.

4. Craving Coral. I grabbed this at Rexall the other day when I was there in search of some sea salt chocolate (obsessed) as it was pretty much the same colour that I'd been drooling over after seeing the inspiration post for the Wikstenmade latest collection photo shoot. I absolutely love that Nars semi-matte orange red lipstick but don't know that I'd ever be brave enough to actually wear it. This nail polish is the next best thing, and the name totally cracks me up. I love how serious/sensual/carefree all at once make-up companies try to make their names seem. I also love how much this colour reminds me of my Mum circa 1990 and that my 10 yr old self would have most likely been horrified to think that this colour would one day be gracing my nails, too.

Hope your Monday is going well friends! I'm sorry to say that I haven't made a Monday Mix as I wanted to make the follow up to my NZ oldies one now that it is the last day of NZ Music Month, but finding newer NZ music online seems to be pretty much impossible. I have been enjoying this mix though, so perhaps you could check that one out for your Monday listening!
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