Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Green

Have you heard about Poppytalk's Spring Colour Week? Perhaps you took part in the Fall Colour Week last year, but if you're new to all this then I'd suggested heading on over to take a look at what's going on. Basically, Jan has chosen a Spring colour for each day of the week and we're all taking photo's based on that theme each day. There are so many gorgeous ones in the Flickr pool, and clearly I'm a little slow on the uptake as there are already ones in there for tomorrow! Eep! I actually missed out on yesterdays one, and my promised bunting shop update as our computer got infected by a nasty virus over the weekend. It was so scary, and even made our laptop start playing siren noises and audio from Lysol and other germ removal type commercials! Thankfully we got it all fixed but a few files did get eaten so I've spent yesterday and today doing a bunch of rewrites and making sure nothing I send anyone will infect their computer!

I'd love to know if you're playing along with the colour week, even if you haven't started yet, it's never too late to jump in!
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