Monday, March 22, 2010

Staying in.

Despite grand plans for gardening, bike riding and birthday partying this weekend, I ended up spending it mostly in bed with a nasty cold (seriously, I feel like I've been perpetually sick this past year). It was pretty nice having a lazy weekend however, and we did venture out on Sunday to do a major bulk stock up at Famous Foods, making it home just in time to beat a downpour and cozy back up with some library books on the bed. Can I just say that if you're in Vancouver and have never been to Famous Foods you absolutely must go! It can be a little pricey, but they have such an incredible selection of natural foods. There is pretty much every herb, spice, root, tea, grain that you can imagine and now our pantry (read: cupboard above the sink) is organised and stocked with mason jars full of beans, lentils, organic sugars, grits for polenta and the like. It feels good.

This weekend found myself getting lost in the recent photos of India in this incredible flickr stream. Also? The latest installment in Ebony's Tokyo Guide. I can't wait for the official guide to come out, especially as Tokyo is somewhere we hope to be heading to in the not to distant future. Oh, one last thing. After seeing this stunning pysanka I have become obsessed with trying this myself. I'm pretty sure I have in fact done this or something like it before, but mostly likely in primary school and as much as I like to imagine myself full of patience and a delicate hand but I'm not so sure. Anyone tried it?

How were your weekends? Get up to anything exciting? Here's some tunes for your Monday morning (not mine this time, but this gal has some great taste. I love all her mixes!) , I hope it starts your week off well!
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