Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Errands

After reading this post over on Enhabiten, I decided that I would walk my errands today instead of taking the bus. I even put this crazy pedometer app on my iPhone so I could see how far I walked, how many calories burned, how long it takes, etc. Really I mostly care about the steps and distance as I am terrible at guessing measurements of any kind and as soon as I get into the thousands it sounds really exciting and impressive to me, haha. I'm lucky to live in a really pretty neighbourhood which makes going for walks all the more enticing, especially at this time of year with the rambling flowers all over the place.

I actually have some more errands to run, including picking up a package from the post office (yay! mail!) and going to meet with a lovely local woman to talk about craft as activism, which excites me to no end. But first, have you seen these bird houses over at My Love For You? So great! Meighan always has such fantastic stuff on her blog and I really love her Process series, as you know I'm all about the work in progress. See more here!
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