Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smart ladies

Through the magic of the internet I've been lucky enough to have met a whole bunch of smart & creative ladies who are doing what they love, building businesses and generally working really hard to be able to do so. One such lady is the lovely Jen, who has just this past Friday opened up her shop Hound for business! While I really enjoy sewing, making actual clothes to be worn by myself is still a little ways off, let alone drafting patterns, so the idea of designing and making a whole beautiful line of clothing both overwhelms and amazes me. I know Jen has been working really hard on this, and it has totally paid off as it looks fantastic!

I think what strikes me the most about Hound's Spring line is the real cool ease it has about it, everything looks like it would be so comfortable yet sophisticated at the same time.
I seriously love the cartography print that runs through Jen's line and I'm pretty sure I need both that tote and the Helen sleeveless top in my life!

Speaking of smartypants crafty ladies, did you see that Erin and Victoria now both have vintage shops? Oh man, so much good stuff! Also, Liz has recently announced that she's planning on opening a yarn shop! Moss Stitch, such a perfect name (and also my most favourite stitch). I'm super excited for her, and generally inspired and motivated by all these fantastic, entrepreneurial ladies!
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