Friday, March 12, 2010


Hot on the heels of my last gardening post I found these adorable Postcarden over on Heavy Petal and just had to share. You can choose from the above allotment garden, a city garden or a botanical garden. I think this would be a really sweet gift, especially if you know someone who's workspace needs a little greening up. The more greenery the better, in my opinion!

And because I have urban gardening and allotments on the brain I wanted to point you in the direction of a fantastic program called 'Sharing Backyards', that as the name would suggest is a space for people who have yards and space to share to connect with those looking to garden but don't have the space. We're lucky in Vancouver to have a fair amount of community gardens (both city sanctioned and not) but plots can still fill up fairly fast, and if you're not totally down with doing your own guerilla gardening then this could be the way to go. I especially like the communal aspects of it, and of course if you have some space but aren't sure where to start then perhaps this way you could find someone to come give you a hand to get going.
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