Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mrs Robinson

Trying to tame my bangs has given me reason to look a little more closely in the mirror each morning, in doing so I've noticed a few stray greys have appeared. Of course it isn't the first time I've found a grey hair or two, but they all seem to be growing on the left side in little clusters which is totally fascinating to me. I pointed it out to Richard and his response was something along the lines of noticing I'd had grey hairs aaages ago. Thanks, buddy. I've actually always said I'd like to just go grey gracefully, I haven't dyed my hair in the longest time (mostly due to laziness, I don't have any problem with doing it) and I'm secretly hoping this growth pattern will give me something like this. Time will tell, both in the Anne Bancroft hair wish department, and how much grace I really do have. 

Some nice things;
- Summer Water, the new collaboration of Anabela and Caitlin is so perfect.
- No raw eggs makes me happy, I will definitely be making this ceasar salad with veggie bacon!
- Rejecting the notion of the flattering outfit has been something I've wanted to write on, and perhaps still will, but for now please read this excellent take on it!
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