Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sand Dunes & Lakes

Next up, a post from my lovely friend Erin of Atlantic Treefox. Erin is ridiculously talented, I have both her needlwork and her beautiful film photos on my walls (you can pick up one of your own here) and can't wait to see what more she comes up with now that she's back in her homeland and getting ready to head off to art school. Thanks for sharing a bit of Ontario summer with us, Erin!

Since I've been back home in Southern Ontario I've been making a point to soak in as much as I can before I move off to Nova Scotia in September.

Nick & I went up to Lake Muskoka to stay at a cottage for a few days & it was so beautiful. Looking right out onto the lake, huge granite with lichen all over it & all the pine trees, it was such an amazing place. The sounds & smells really make it. We took a canoe out, saw a little inukshuk, sat out talking on a party boat & got amazing ice cream in town.

This past week we went out to The Pinery Provincial Park on Lake Huron. It is a little bit of paradise out there let me tell you! Some of the only sand dunes like it in Canada are there. The white sand & the aqua blue water, you'd think it was the Bahamas! We enjoyed a huge campsite with hugely tall trees all around, beautiful trails & wavy waters. The beach is so long & isn’t crowded at all. My favourite part is that the water has a couple good sand bars so you can really swim out far!
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