Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip

I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know Kenzie of Secret Pocket, and living vicariously through her road trips, summer drinks and candy making adventures. Her blog is full of such colour and inspiration, and her wee magnets are such a favourite of mine. Thanks for stopping in, Kenzie!
This summer I've been enjoying the classic American road trip. We already live in a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania, so our trips mean driving through mountains, farms and tiny towns. We love to stop old diners and ice cream parlors to take a break. The custard at The Meadows, in Duncansville was my favorite, I got a mix of chocolate and coconut. We got vanilla soft serve mixed with "reesie cup" at Mini Freeze in Orbisonia, and potato donuts at Spudnuts in Charlottesville. We add hours to our trips stopping at yard sales, thrift stores, and scenic pull-offs.

I think I was so used to driving as fast as you can on freeways to get to a destination, that this way of traveling is so much more enjoyable. I find that I enjoy road trips infinitely more, it's an adventure! Have you had any expeditions this summer?
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