Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Goals

Please join me in welcoming Alison of TeenAngster for our next guest post. You might know her from Etsy's 'News From the Craft + Style Blogosphere' where she curates the most amazing finds from around the web. I never cease to be inspired by what she digs up, and now that she's started her own personal blog I'm constantly over there to get my fix of witchy women, talking dogs, leather and lace. Thanks, Alison!

Montana 1978

Summer is here and it's sweltering. While I'm usually an "inside kid" (pale as the day is long), the oh-so-excellent blog Summer Goals has inspired me to cultivate my own list of summer aspirations, many of them not do-able in my apartment. Here's to not sitting like a stone in front of the air conditioning. 


1. Make a campfire and sleep in an ancient tent, like I did when I was younger. In fact, I so loved my orange pup tent that I attached it to my waterbed and slept in it for about six months, long past summer's end.

Marine Parkway Bridge

2. Visit Dead Horse Bay and search for hidden treasure.


3. Take a class at Flower School. I want to make my own arrangement!


4. Watch the sunset from my rooftop.

5. Learn to make vintage cocktails from The Savoy Cocktail Book. (Slings and smashes and fizzes and flips!)
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