Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bakers Dozen

You all should go and check out this lovely online store, Bakers Dozen, run by Amy Borrell of tummy-ache (both Amy and her blog are also rather lovely). In the store you will find limited editions of 13, from artists and crafters all over the world.

I am quite smitten with these crocheted macarons by Sian Keegan. I think having a few around would serve me well, until I attempt to bake the finicky little things....and for once said finicky little things are eaten.

I also adore this embroidery from Fieldguided, makers of many favourite things and keepers of one of my favourite reads. The text is taken from a Joanna Newsom (yet another, absolute favourite) quote and I promise I saw these after I started that embroidery I showed you a couple posts ago!

Off you go!