Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Fun with The Sadies

What a fun day, despite the crazy rain. So far I have been to Birthfest, a matinee movie (The Watchmen) and after a quick cup o' tea we're off to see The Sadies, for which we are extremely excited.

Birthfest was....busy! But cool. There were a lot of awesome Vancouver crafters (click on the links to take a look for yourselves!), along side the great midwives, doulas and various others involved in the vibrant birth community we have here in this city. Definitely inspiring!

Ugh, I think I'm getting sick. Something to do with my cute but not at all waterproof boots that I wore today, perhaps?

Enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said...

Milton will just die knowing you've seen the Watchemen before him !!!!! you know how he secretly wants to be a superhero too (: xx mum

handmade romance said...

I watched the watchman a couple of weekends ago too. Not really my thing usually but I didnt mind this...a little full on with the violence at times but I dug some of the set designs.

Oh and the Sadies...admittedly never heard of them before but just listen to the song you posted and I LIKE a lot! Thanks for sharing x