Wednesday, March 25, 2009


These guys were mostly my motivation for wanting to visit Boston as a young girl. Them, and being a big Cheers fan (Oh, Woody). And now I've finally made it, although for slightly different reasons. After a crazy day of travel, that included a flight taking 4 hours longer than expected, sitting in Oklahoma City while waiting for thunderstorms to clear over Dallas, arriving in Boston at 1.30am as my ride (not knowing where I was) was pulling into her house an hour away, thinking I'd lost my luggage (it came on the second flight) and freakin' Madagascar 2 as the in flight movie...I made it back to where I was staying at around 4am. Sheesh. Needless to say I wasn't too pleased with Boston at first, but now it has completely charmed me and I want to move here. The history, leafy streets and cute houses have sealed the deal

I'm here to attend WAM!, which is a conference looking at the involvement of women in media and activism. There are some awesome speakers, including the amazingly hilarious Sarah Haskins of Target Women as the keynote speaker tomorrow night. If you are not already aware of Target Women, you must go check it out now. She is one of the funniest people I have seen, and her take on how the media targets women is so on point and ridiculous at the same time.

The conference registration starts tomorrow morning, so I've spent the day taking in Cambridge, knitting and eating amazing cupcakes. I went to check out Magpie, an awesome store that sells all kinds of crafty goodness from locals and other well known crafters (My Paper Crane, The Small Object and Nikki McClure amongst others) and is run (in part) by Leah Kramer of fame. I pretty much wanted to buy everything in there. I then went and found Kick Ass Cupcakes, which is as amazing as the name wants you to believe. There were so many exciting flavours from the standard vanilla, to red velvet, chai nut, berry and peanutbutter/carob for dogs and catnip for cats. The chocolate with chocolate fudge icing I chose was out.of.control. Yum, yum.

Alrighty, I must get up early tomorrow so I should really call it a night. I'm going to take lots and lots of photos of the neighbourhood I'm staying in so that you will all want to move here with me.



Cheryl Knits said...

Hope you're feeling better and that you have a wonderful time in Boston! Let us know if you run into former NKOTBers!

Amber Csar said...


That flight sounds crazy. I'm glad you are having an awesome time.
Rowan wants a cupcake please. :D

Urban Environmentalist said...

The conference sounds awesome! Glad you are enjoying your time. I love Boston. Such a charming little big city. It would be one of my top places to live too!

lyn tupaea said...

Sounds like you are having the BEST time now (: obviously worth the hassel getting there - the cupcake OMG !! it looks incredible - and what great ideas for pets too - love you lots and be careful xxx mum

jodi said...

have fun. can't wait to see more pics!