Monday, March 23, 2009

Sick Days

Since about last Thursday-ish I've developed a fairly brutal cough and almost constant headache. Today whatever bug it is decided to go the whole way to sore/itchy eyes and blocked ears. So, I've been laying low and generally feeling sorry for myself. The grey and drizzly weather hasn't been helping much, so I've been loving the afternoon sun when it decides to show itself.

In other news I completed a knitting order which I was really happy with (long charcoal arm warmers).Over the weekend we had a delicious dinner at All India (all you can eat vegetarian Indian food, it's perfect) with Henry and Lili, and picked up some craft supplies at a stash sale. Last night, we watched Saturday Night Fever in bed with mint slices that I found at the Candy Aisle, which sells a selection of treats from Australia and New Zealand. There is nothing like Tony and Stephanie to make you feel better.
Speaking of making one feel better, behold my constant companions during these sick days.

It feels amazing on my throat.

Ira Glass and This American Life has been the (perfect and hilarious) sick days soundtrack.

My two favourite loves, one of which is warming my feet as we speak.
Enjoy the start to your week!


The Little Mama said...

My dear Becka. I hope you're feeling well again soon!

Urban Environmentalist said...

Feel better!! The Indian buffet sounds AMAZING. I felt some tears coming on too. Sean Penn's acting was phenomenal in that movie! I also loved him in the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman.

The cafeteria there is just awful. Thank god it was not the campus that I went to for most of my undergrad. We moved last summer and it is just conveniently close to us now. I take an evening course there (Women and the Law)and use the library to work on my thesis (looking at what motivates independently owned micro-enterprises - restaurants - to "go green" and what type of government support is needed to further facilitate their efforts). I am finishing up a degree in Environmental and Resource Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Politics, Policy and Law.

I just love the afternoon light we get here too. :)

Amber Csar said...

You poor thing, being sick is the worst.

That 'pellogrino' looks yummy though!

I'm so ready for the grey skies, we got another huge dumping of snow. I'm so over it.

lyn tupaea said...

Hope you feeling better soon xxx mum

kate said...

oh, take care. i know how hard it can be to get rid of that awful bug that's going around.
feel better soon!

Kate Bruning said...

I've just found you, your blog is new to me and I am already thinking... don't get sick, I've just found you and can't wait to read more posts. Actually, while you are recovering I can check out your archives. Take it easy!